Auburn store offers to help burglary victims


AUBURN —A local jewelry appraiser is offering to take free photographs of personal jewelry to help burglary victims identify their stolen items for police and insurance companies.

Republic Jewelry & Collectibles on Center Street has offered to take professional photos of up to 10 pieces of jewelry and put the photos on a CD that can be viewed on a computer.

Local police said home burglaries have been on the rise for the past couple of years and that thieves are seeking jewelry because of its high value and easy transport.

Many victims of such thefts have difficulty describing the valuables that they’ve collected over the years, Deputy Chief Jason Moen of the Auburn Police Department said in a written statement Saturday.

“A key component to any crime investigation is having as much information as possible to work with,” Police Chief Phil Crowell said in the prepared statement. “Having digital photographs of stolen items would be a major asset to our investigations, and may even help victims recover their items.”

Store spokesman Dan Cunliffe II said the photographs should prove helpful to burglary victims seeking to make insurance claims.


“Anyone who has had anything stolen from them knows it is a very frustrating situation,” he said. “For the people who unfortunately have to go through this type of situation, we are hoping to make those people’s lives a little easier. We feel our free service will be a valuable resource.”

For more information about the service, jewelry owners can visit Republic Jewelry at 212 Center St. in Auburn or contact the store by phone at 784-4444, police said.

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