Auburn’s Fairview Elementary getting another teacher


AUBURN — The Auburn School Committee has approved a new teacher’s position for one year to reduce the size of sixth-grade classrooms at Fairview Elementary School.

When students return from their Christmas break on Jan. 5, the new teacher will begin, Superintendent Katy Grondin said Thursday.

Because the teacher’s contract will be from January through June, the salary will be $17,000 plus benefits.

Fairview began the school year with four grade six teachers, but eight students moved in. Meanwhile, there was a “bubble” of higher enrollment in the fourth grade, which had 82 students.

School administrators decided to move a sixth-grade teacher to create four fourth-grade classes. That would leave the three sixth-grade classes at about 27 students each. “The thinking was they could manage that number,” Grondin said.

But as the year progressed, eight more sixth-graders moved into Fairview, including two in November. The new sixth-graders were pushing the three classes to 30 students each. Grondin hired a substitute to work through January to relieve those large classes.

The School Committee authorized another teacher when it met Wednesday night. The existing budget can support the extra position, Grondin said, in part because Edward Little High School social studies teacher Ryan Laroche left to work at Leavitt Area High School.