They have no authority


This is in response to the guest column March 7 by William Hardwood and Larry Gilbert. Those two writers need some basic understanding of our laws and Constitution.

Title 25, regarding firearms, is quite clear and I was astonished to see a mayor of one of Maine’s largest cities, of all people, ignore such a clear and defining statute. The statute, in short, reads: “Regulation restricted. Except as provided in subsection 3, no political subdivision of the State, including, but not limited to, municipalities, counties, townships and village corporations, may adopt any order, ordinance, rule or regulation concerning the sale, purchase, purchase delay, transfer, ownership, use, possession, bearing, transportation, licensing, permitting, registration, taxation or any other matter pertaining to firearms, components, ammunition or supplies.”

How can the Bureau of Parks and Lands justify banning concealed firearm permit holders from carrying firearms in state parks from May 1-Sept. 30? They have no authority and the Legislature does not have the authority to grant such powers.

The same argument should apply to Acadia National Park. Since when can a constitutional right be suspended for five months of a calendar year? Do they remember the two women massacred on the Appalachian Trail? I was attacked by a rabid fox that I quickly dispatched with my .32 Beretta Tomcat.

Article I Section 16 of the Maine Constitution reads: “Every citizen has a right to keep and bear arms and this right shall never be questioned.” Even a fifth-grader can interpret that.

Paul J. Mattson Harrison