Avon voters approve wind-power moratorium


AVON — Over 40 voters gathered Saturday and agreed to give town leaders time to draft an ordinance for wind power, said Selectman Robert Ellis.

During the 180-day wind-power moratorium, town officials will create an ordinance for any future wind-power projects within the town, he said.

Voters quickly worked through and accepted a budget of $167,447 down from $201,000 last year. Only one request for funds was rejected, one from the Franklin County Chamber of Commerce.

Voters added $200 to the amount carried over for the town’s Little League program. No funds had been requested this year with the program dependent on carried over funds from last year but voters decided to add more, he said.

The school budget generated the most discussion, he said. Without knowledge of what the school budget is going to be, voters realized they’ll just have to raise it, he said.

The town also realized the need to get more involved in the school district, he said.

The only article that didn’t pass was one that would have changed the setback on properties on Mt. Blue Pond from 350 feet to 250 feet, he said.

A couple camp owners wanted the reduced setback in order to build other buildings on their properties, he said.

“The town wants to keep the pond as pristine as possible,” he said.

Vienna voters cut winter road account

VIENNA — Voters moved swiftly Saturday through town articles in about an hour and a half, said Selectman Dodi Thompson.

Everything passed including budget items for a total of $478,049, down from last year’s $531,241 figure and the proposed $486,489 on this year‘s budget.

Voters cut $10,000 from the winter road account after the current winter weather left the town with salt and sand left over, she said.

They also agreed to raise the waste management account from the proposed $5,300 to $5,500, she said.

All incumbent officers were re-elected. Town Clerk and tax collector Connie Smith retained her seat as did Road Commissioner Linwood Meader. Each was challenged for the one-year position.

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