B. and B. Buckingham: Cares about environment


On Nov. 4, voters of District 93 (Canton, Carthage, Dixfield, Mexico and Peru) have the opportunity to elect Malcolm (Mackie) Gill as their representative to the House in Augusta.

We know Gill as a man of honor and dedication. As a town selectman, he is knowledgeable of the procedures of government and how to work with people to get things done.

As a father of four grown and successful children and a retired educator, he will work to make a better life for future generations. He will put his constituents and their children’s interests first.

He truly cares about the environment and wildlife and was a state park ranger and a volunteer firefighter.

Gill will listen to his constituents’ voices and work for them in Augusta.

We are giving Malcolm (Mackie) Gill our votes on Nov. 4.

Bruce and Bonnie Buckingham, Mexico