B. Bussiere: Tirade has no traction


This is in response to the letter (Jan. 30) from Rolande Caron. Her letter was a thinly veiled attack on Republican candidates.

She lashed out at Newt Gingrich for his take on the sanctity of marriage. I believe he is a Catholic who believes the Bible, while she finds that (apparently) laughable. So, God got it wrong, who can argue with Elton John?

Two different opinions, I feel.

Then she ridicules Mitt Romney for being wealthy. Funny, the American dream was to admire folks who worked hard and prospered. She neglected to mention the millions of dollars Romney has given to the poor and down-trodden, but that wouldn’t have given her tirade much traction.

Barack Obama’s class warfare speeches are working, aren’t they? For some, maybe.

Caron wrote, “Those who want to restore family values by quoting scripture should look into becoming preachers, not elected officials.” Well, I am a God-fearing, pro-country, pro-Israel, tax-paying conservative, and I will not be intimidated. We are fit to be only preachers?

The dictionary definition of socialism is: A theory or system of ownership of the means of production and distribution by society, rather than by individuals.

Of course, we have all heard many times that the nation’s woes are not the fault of Obama; it is all because of George W. Bush. As if; there is no accountability for some individuals.

Brenda Bussiere, Turner