B. Dench: Careful to get the right one


Senate District 25 includes Gray, but Gray voters may not know the contrast between Cathy Manchester, whom I endorse, and Cathy Breen.

When Breen served on the Falmouth Town Council, she wanted to force property owners to give up rights to their land. When town sewer lines along Casco Bay needed repairs after a storm, Breen wanted to force property owners to make their land accessible to the public in exchange for the repairs the town was already obliged to make. It was a land grab, plain and simple.

She also led the effort to spend $10 million to move the perfectly good town library to create a community center, something voters rejected overwhelmingly.

She’ll spend like mad and tax people to do it. That’s certainly not who I want in the Maine Legislature.

I endorse Cathy Manchester — the right Cathy.

Bryan Dench, Falmouth