B. Gerry: Auburn’s best choices


Having served three terms as an independent candidate in the Maine House, I painfully understand the problems of partisan bickering.

No honest person believes either party is always right, so independent thinkers are needed who put people above political bosses.

I join the other Auburn citywide councilor, David Young, and Auburn Mayor Jonathon LaBonte in endorsing Republican Eric Brakey for the Maine Senate. Brakey will be a champion for seniors and will vote based on policy, not party agendas.

For the Maine House, I endorse independent John Michael, a successful business owner who has represented Auburn in the House before and who only serves a term or two before taking a break from politics to re-join the working world. He stands strong in support of seniors and is Auburn’s most skilled and experienced representative.

Auburn’s best choices are Republican Eric Brakey for the Senate and independent John Michael for the House.

Belinda Gerry, Auburn