B. Gray: Rules for truckers needed revising


In a Sun Journal story (Dec. 11), Daphne Izer, a truck safety advocate, criticized Sen. Susan Collins for adding an amendment to the federal spending bill that would change sleep-time rules for the nation’s truck drivers.

My heart goes out to Izer, who lost her son in 1993 when a big rig hit his car. I cannot possibly comprehend her heartfelt feelings or sadness. I simply request that Izer, and the public, understand that as tragic as it was, that accident was a very rare kind of accident. The record for trucks is really remarkable, especially in terms of total miles traveled.

A loss of life is tragic, but please understand that Sen. Collins is only trying to make sure truckers are able to do their jobs. Izer argued it would weaken current rules specifying the amount of sleep commercial drivers must get.

Bruce Gray, Auburn

Maine Motor Carrier Review Board