B. and N. White: Committed to improving education


District 91 has been well represented by Jarrod Crockett. While we have not agreed with all of his positions, he has been an effective legislator and advocate for our communities.

We believe Callie Pecunies possesses qualities that will make her equally effective. She is our choice to succeed Crockett in November.

Pecunies is a thoughtful and logical thinker. She is a straightforward communicator and comfortable standing up for her principals. She listens and will be responsive to her constituents. She is a successful businessperson who is not afraid to work hard to accomplish her goals.

Having worked at and around Sunday River Ski Area for many years, she understands the importance of tourism and economic development to our area. Her children attend local schools and she is committed to improving education. She has been a consistent volunteer for local non-profits.

We support Callie Pecunies to be our representative.

Bill and Nancy White, Hanover