B. Payne: Cost-cutting measure


We shake our heads at the government waste produced in Washington and Augusta and wonder why officials don’t operate more efficiently. Since all politics are local, we may be able to find that answer closer to home, at 04271.

Paris is one town, a town of 5,000 people, with two post offices. The U.S. Postal Service is considering closing the lesser-used one on Paris Hill as a cost-cutting measure (Sun Journal, Jan. 26).

The outcry from the “hill” is that the post office is a “gathering place” where people get to see “people who are neighbors on the hill.” Why is it the responsibility of the USPS to provide a gathering place for 45 box holders on Paris Hill at a cost of $75,000 per year?

One resident wanted the town to plow and maintain the area, should the boxes go outside. Where else in town is such a service provided?

If all else fails, the “hill” wishes to retain the current zip code of 04271. The purpose is? I guess that is beyond the ability of someone from 04281, the lowlands of Paris, to comprehend.

Barbara Payne, South Paris