B. Pelletier: Money being wasted


I see real estate “for sale” signs everywhere in Lewiston. If people wonder why there are so many homes for sale in Lewiston, just watch a City Council meeting on television and any questions will be answered.

Taxpayers are quickly becoming the minority. I think the answer is a tax cap. Residents need to find a way to clog the arteries that feed city hall. If less money flows in, maybe city officials will stop wasting it.

There is way too much overpaid management. They should be paid for what they do, rather than what the job description says. That would put tens of thousands of dollars back in the budget.

Another example of waste is the amount of road salt used on city streets. The highway department should use just what is necessary to do the job. That would put a lot of money back in the budget.

Over-salting results in the white powder that shows up all over the city and blows around until April. From research I did and radio traffic I overheard, I believe the city uses much more than is needed.

Taxpayers need to wake up and pay attention.

Bob Pelletier, Lewiston