B. Sours: He will listen and then act


I support Lloyd “Skip” Herrick for Maine Legislature, House District 73.

Herrick is a lifelong resident of Maine and the Oxford Hills region and genuinely cares about the region and the state. Having served as Paris police chief, Oxford County sheriff and as a selectman for Paris, he has worked tirelessly to keep government fiscally responsible.

He believes in open government and he is the kind of person people can trust to “put everything on the table.”

His record as a volunteer at a multitude of organizations shows how devoted he is to others. He continues to step up in his community. He is never too busy to stop and spend time listening to the people.

People’s voices are first heard at the local level. Lloyd Herrick is the kind of person who will listen and act. Instead of saying “that won’t work,” he will find a way to make it happen.

Barbara Sours, South Paris