Back to the drawing board


How many folks out there own their own properties yet have fixed incomes? Not many, according to RSU 16 School Committee Chairman Dave Griffiths, who shared his particular assessment of local people’s financial situations with 250-plus attendees at the May 11 school budget town meeting.

My question: In a tri-town RSU comprised of three rural towns, just where do these fixed income citizens live? Surely there aren’t a large number of elderly housing facilities, nor a large number of rental complexes. To use such a statement as “most people with fixed incomes don’t own houses” is incredulous, at best.

As a matter of fact, I consider myself on a fixed income, as I have a salaried job and can barely make ends meet.

Perhaps Griffiths and company, who “put the children first,” ought to consider the rest of the folks, many of them parents, who would like to keep a roof over their children’s heads and food in their bellies.

Unbelievable. I will vote no on the RSU 16 budget.

Send them back to the drawing board and consider the needs of all citizens.

Wendy Sanborn, West Poland