Bail set at $5,000 cash for Norway man charged with assaulting teenager


NORWAY — Bail was set Wednesday at $5,000 cash or property worth $20,000 for a Norway man charged with assaulting a 15-year-old boy and obstructing the report of a crime.

Damian Dunn, 22, has been charged in South Paris District Court with felony aggravated assault, punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

He also faces charges of obstructing the report of a crime, punishable by up to 364 days in jail, and violating conditions of release, which could bring up to six months in jail.

Dunn’s bail conditions include no contact with the alleged victim.

According to an affidavit written by Norway Police Officer Stephen Cronce, a 15-year old reported that Dunn assaulted him near Beal Street.

Cronce wrote that the teenager said Dunn had strangled him for about 30 seconds, and had pulled him to the ground, “crushing his head to the pavement with his knee.”

“(The victim) said that when he got up, Dunn stole his phone from his hand and threw it into the backyard of an area home while he was already on the phone with 911,” Cronce wrote. “(The allaged victim) recovered the phone and called 911 as Damian got a ride out of the area.”

A witness to the alleged assault said that she “saw everything” and submitted a written statement, according to Cronce’s affidavit.

“The witness said that she saw Dunn on top of (the victim) and yelled for him to get off,” Cronce wrote.

The 15-year-old was taken by ambulance to Stephens Memorial Hospital in Norway.

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  1. I think this is ridiculous. Damien put his knee on the victims face. Oh no call the police. A 15 year old boy should know better not to mess with a 22 yr old. Looking at 10 yrs in jail for that is stupid if it were a 22 yr old man doing that to a 15 yr old girl then yeah put him in jail for 10 yrs but a 15 yr old boy should be mature enough not to make a elder mad. I know a 22 yr old should know better not to do that to a younger kid but, why piss off a older guy. This is my opinion.

    • You’re a douche bag. He didn’t JUST put his knee on his face but literally tried to strangle him as well as throw his phone when the kid called for help.

    • You have that backwards. A 22 yo man should know better than to mess with a 15 yo kid. Top of list for ridiculous posts I’ve read today. You must know the 22 yo.

  2. What goes around comes around , either he’s gonna get what he deserves when he gets out , or my boys on the inside are gonna do it , either way he’s fucked . Not so tough now is he ?! I don’t give a fuck who you are , you don’t put hands on a minor especially being 7 years older .

      • Would you look at that, they deleted the post. Don’t worry though. You will be found. Nothing can be permanently deleted especially sense I already took screenshots. Sunjournal I’ll be in your office Tomorow morning with my lawyer. Expect a lawsuit coming your way

  3. From reading the comments on this story I can assume two things. One, There’s a lot of juvenile tough guy wannabe’s who really don’t understand the concept of knowing when to keep their mouths shut. Two, I guess if your a pissed off teenager, the language restrictions don’t count in the comment section. My blood pressure would be so much lower if I were able use this type of language.

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