Not balanced viewpoint


What has happened to objective journalism? The Sun Journal editors are so left-leaning that there is absolutely no possibility to read the truth.

The April 27 editorial headline read, “Major parties were throwing … major parties,” as if it were going to tell us about both parties. It quoted a report by the Washington Post about party spending —“59 percent for Democrats; 68 percent for Republicans …” Thus ends bi-partisan reporting.

I’m not defending the Republicans, but the Sun Journal should not be submitting only one side of an issue. The only spending listed is the Republican waste, with not even one item on how the Democrats spent their money. I realize that was the editor’s viewpoint and if the rest of the paper did not show the same bias daily it would be OK.

I’m curious about that 59 percent of Democratic money compared to 68 percent of Republican money ($74M/$109M). If Democrats raised twice as much as Republicans, it would mean the Democrats wasted more. We don’t know because the editor apparently didn’t think it was important for us to compare and do some rational thinking.

We have God-given rights and they come with individual responsibilities to follow a few basic rules. You know, such as,“Do unto others …”, “Do not steal” and “Do not kill,” etc. Those rules were too simple, so our representatives have written several thousand pages of laws to protect us.

Congress and the media have responsibilities, too.

William J. DuBois, Poland