Baldacci’s cheap shot


What is with the cheap shot the governor took during his inauguration speech regarding the Taxpayer Bill of Rights? He complained about the different brand of politics used during the last election, and blamed outsiders for both the TABOR idea and the money to fund it.

The last time I looked, TABOR was written by the Maine Heritage Policy Center, and anti-TABOR forces outspent the TABOR proponents by a ratio of 4 to 1, with the largest sums coming from national sources such as the National Education Association, the American Association of Retired Persons and various out-of-state unions. All one has to do is look at the state campaign finance website to see all the money from away.

I think the governor’s remarks were an insult to the 55,000-plus registered Maine voters who signed the TABOR petition. Baldacci got fewer votes than those for TABOR, with his 38 percent to TABOR’s 46 percent of the total votes cast. What a spoilsport.

Those who think that anything meaningful will result from the current legislative session only need to remember those mean-spirited remarks to know Maine taxpayers aren’t the governor’s immediate concern. TABOR was a Maine petition, funded by Mainers and voted for by more people than voted for him. To even bring it up in his speech was hyperbole.

The governor should offer less words and more action that truly reduces spending and lessens taxes the only correct way – by reducing spending.

George A. Fogg, North Yarmouth