Let's Do Launch

2018 Great Falls Balloon Festival

Entries had to be submitted by 3 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 18. The winner will be notified by 6:00 p.m. The winner will be responsible for picking up the tickets at the Great Falls Balloon Festival Information booth.

Field Shadows

Field Shadows (Photo submitted by Kevin Mitchell)

Morning Reflections on the Androscoggin River

Morning Reflections on the Androscoggin River (Photo submitted by Linda Mitchell)

In the river and through the trees

(Photo submitted by Lisa Thibault)

Morning reflections in the River

Morning river reflections (Photo submitted by Kevin Mitchell)

Fifth Dimension

(Photo submitted by Harry Simones)

In the river and through the trees

(Photo submitted by Lisa Thibault)

Here comes the sun!

(Photo submitted by Lisa Thibault)

“Keep Pulling the Rope!”

ME (Photo submitted by Erin Cloutier)

Parade of colors

Parade of Colors (Photo submitted by Danielle Garneau)

Morning Bliss

Friday morning post launch (Photo submitted by George Estabrook)


A blurred reflection (Photo submitted by George Estabrook)

Valerio’s Dedication

From the spot below the trestle on that fateful day (Photo submitted by George Estabrook)

Sunrise Launch

Friday Morning Panorama Launch (Photo submitted by Grant Jewett)

Takin’ Off

(Photo submitted by Brandon Collins)

Mirror Image

Mirror Image (Photo submitted by RICHARD PLOURDE)

Balloon reflection on the Androscoggin River

Balloon reflection (Photo submitted by Carol Damon)

Balloon Chasing

(Photo submitted by Kyle Campbell)

In-Laws Anniversary Ride

(Photo submitted by Briana Noniewicz)

Reflections on the GFBF

(Photo submitted by David Damon)

First Launch

(Photo submitted by Carol Damon)

Last Penny

(Photo submitted by Kaylee Ellis)

Morning Launch 8/18/18

(Photo submitted by Sherry Lessard)

Old Glory

Morning of 8/17/18 (Photo submitted by Ben Sullivan)