Bangor brawl leeds to arrest of underage teens at party


BANGOR — A brawl involving a group of intoxicated young people, most of whom appeared to be under the age of 21, was broken up early Sunday by police who then traced the origins of the group to the residence of three teen girls, Bangor police Sgt. Wade Betters said.

“The officers went to 171 Bolling Drive to conduct follow-up (interviews) and found underage people hiding inside the apartment and signs of alcohol use and subsequently all three females were arrested for providing a place for minors to drink (alcohol),” the sergeant said.

Melissa Murray, Molly Hutchins and Ambyr Sargent, who are all 19, were arrested shortly after the group fight was broken up at about 1:20 a.m. Sunday. They were all taken to Penobscot County Jail and released later in the day, Betters said.

Officers Aaron Brooker and Kyle Pelkey were dispatched to the area of the Deerfield Apartments on Ohio Street for the report of a loud gathering and found the group fight taking place behind the apartment complex near the girls’ Bolling Drive apartment.

Police “broke up a few scuffles and dispersed a fairly sizable group in the area,” Betters said.

“When they first responded there was approximately 40 to 50 intoxicated people fighting,” the sergeant said. “Some ran off, some walked off and some continued to push and shove.”

After dealing with “the chaos,” as Brooker described it in his report, the officers were able to track the party to the girls’ apartment. No one else was charged.