FIRST, Trot, 9,630

1. Theredone, G. Hall

2. Pembroke Matron, H. Campbell

3. Cranmeadow Raven, D. Hall

4. Cranmeadow Crystal, W. D. Campbell

5. She’s Ahcorker Two, K. Ireland

SECOND, Pace, 3,400

1. Mr Punch, J. Mosher

2. Jet Stream Playboy, J. Smallwood

3. Twilight Charm, H. Campbell

4. Global Raider, T. Hudson

5. Best Connection, S. Gray

6. Lotta Speed, S. Mahar

7. Draft Choice, C. Urquidez

8. Passion Hurricane, W. Brown

THIRD, Trot, 10,480

1. Dusty Arrow, J. Bartlett

2. Oneofakind Boy, B. Nelson

3. Indian Gold, S. Taggart

4. Lucky Move, D. Gray

5. Lucky Blue Moon, F. Parker

6. Cash Moving, J. Beckwith

7. Fox Ridge Pepper, M. Graffam

8. Cast Them Away, D. Richards

9. Jungle’s Moonshine, G. Mosher

10. J D Willy, R. Cushing

FOURTH, Pace, 2,530

1. Aquafina, C. Urquidez

2. Glen McNeil, D. Duncan

3. High Caliber, H. Campbell

4. Beach Assault, S. Mahar

5. Quintessa Hanover, J. Bartlett

6. Allamerican Theta, W. D. Campbell

7. Madeithappenagain, G. Mosher

8. Health Is Wealth N, J. Mosher

FIFTH, Pace, 5,000

1. Legendary One, W. D. Campbell

2. Pembroke Cushy, H. Campbell

3. Memphis Seelster, J. Bartlett

4. Black Tie Only, R. Cloutier Jr.

5. Kyro Down, J. Mosher

6. Ripogenus, S. Gray

7. Saku, C. MacKenzie

SIXTH, Trot, 10,333

1. Cranmeadow Moxie, G. Corey

1A. Cranmeadow Jaycee, L. Fitch

2. Moving Katie, K. Ireland

3. Charlize, G. Hall

4. Marys Been Shoppin, E. Bickmore

5. Moon Over Maine, W. Loubier

6. Speedy Cranberry, S. Gray

7. Kij Gabby, S. Taggart

8. Song Of Glory, D. Richards

SEVENTH, Pace, 2,750

1. Charlie Burke, D. Duncan

2. Cold Stream Pete, W. Brown

3. Claude Seelster, S. Mahar

4. Bigbadvoodoodaddy, C. Urquidez

5. Pentagon Don, J. Mosher

6. Woodmere Flyn Ryan, M. Downey

7. Top Spot, J. Bartlett

8. Magnetic Benka, H. Campbell

9. Exeter Exclusive, S. Gray

EIGHTH, Trot, 5,800

1. Cc Sable, W. Brown

2. Balanced Seranade, H. Campbell

3. Onyx Seelster, S. Gray

4. My Foolish Dream, J. Bartlett

5. He’s Ah Corker, K. Ireland

NINTH, Trot, 10,289

1. Waldo, S. Mahar

2. Pembroke Forward, H. Campbell

3. Fenway Fan, R. Cushing

4. Stevie D Wonder, G. Corey

5. Dave’s Starr, R. Dinning

6. Mainely Miles, J. Beckwith

7. Race Me Yugioh, W. Childs

8. Fox Ridge Michael, M. Graffam

TENTH, Pace, 5,800

1. Membership, S. Mahar

2. Rich Camelot, J. Mosher

3. Kdk Bellagio, G. Bowden

4. Yankee Anthem, W. D. Campbell

5. The Boy N, S. Gray

6. Morty, J. Bartlett

ELEVENTH, Pace, 2,070

1. Race Me Whinny, J. Bartlett

2. Magic Kat, C. Carter

3. Fox Valley Rita, R. Dinning

4. Knight Stalker N, M. Downey

5. Gh Silver Shadow, G. Bowden

6. Incredible Thrill, S. Mahar

7. Trim Raider, T. Hudson