Bangor Space Museum visit


The Middle School students at Central Maine Christian Academy recently visited the Bangor Space Station. Four students wrote articles of their experience.

Going to the Bangor space museum was very fun and interesting. I learned many new things there. I was very excited from the time we got there until the time the probe returned.

I started on the navigation space station team. As we entered the space station, I knew that I was going to have fun. We found our stations and the space station commander told us about the space station and what we were going to do. I had my partner connect to mission control and we started our tasks. The navigation team was supposed to find comets and other things, and then identify them. After we had found two different stars, I came across an unidentified object, I told the space station commander immediately and everyone stopped their work and we all were given special glasses so that we could read off the colors of the object to the communications officer. She told them to mission control, and the navigation’s team told us what the object was. At that point, we messaged back to Earth and made sure it was a comet. The navigation’s team got to name the comet! We called it comet Yahweh, which means Christ in Hebrew.

After that, we switched places, so Emily and I went to mission control, and Peter and Tory went to the space station. We now had to send three detectors to find out the exact coordinates of the comet, Yahweh. During this time, the medical team had a big problem with the oxygen and we almost lost the mission. After the problem was corrected, we sent the detectors out, and found the coordinates of the comet.

We had to figure out where to send the probe, so I picked a spot where we would not hit the nucleus, yet get some good information. As we sent the probe out, I was holding my breath. I hoped the mission would be a success. We lost contact with the probe, but it came back unharmed, and full of information.

This mission was very exciting and I learned a lot. I hope we can go again next year. It was a lot of fun, and I will never forget it.

The visit to the Bangor Space Station was the best time in my life that I ever have had before. When we finally got situated at our computers in Mission Control, I really had no idea what I really had to do, even after I had what I was supposed to do.

My job was communications, I had to send messages back and forth from mission control to the Space Station. After a while, I started getting messages from everyone to send to the Space Station. I got really busy but I kept up with the messages I had to send.

About half-way through the mission, we switched and went to the Space Station. It really wasn’t as busy as it had been in Mission Control, but the noise at the Space Station was louder and I could barely hear anything.

One time we almost lost our oxygen and the mission, but in about three minutes, we pulled it together and made it through until the end of the mission. The field trip was really fun, exciting, and a great way to learn about space and the emergencies that might happen there.

The experience at the challenger station was fun and interesting. It was very hands on. The staff was friendly and kind. They were very helpful with our questions and seem very dedicated to their job.

At the challenger station there were teams of different people on the mission. The teams consisted of four people, but they were split up. Two were assigned to mission control and the other two were on the space station. Each team switched, though half the time they were on the space station, and then they switched to mission control and vice versa. I would recommend this to all schools. It was very fun and interesting.

At the Space Station, I was on the life support team with Bethany Ray, Tyler Ray, and Jesse Beacher. Our team was responsible for making sure the astronauts had everything they needed to survive. We had to check the humidity and the air pressure.

Jesse and I went up into space first. While we were up there, we checked the humidity, oxygen, and the air pressure. I liked being in space a lot. We got to do a lot of cool experiments.