Banning of Jake brakes loud topic


BETHEL – Inn owners complained about loud Jake brakes at the Bethel selectmen’s meeting Monday night, prompting discussion about whether the town should look into prohibiting trucks from using these engine brakes in certain areas.

Bob and Pat McCartney, who own Pleasant River Motel in West Bethel on Route 2, said they have had guests mention the noise.

Pat McCartney said, “It’s disappointing to have such a nice little village and such a noise,” which she called “brutal,” especially when the windows were open during the summer.

Selectman Don Bennett said if a law were adopted, enforcement would become the issue. “That’s where the bugaboo comes in,” he said.

Selectmen decided to look into other towns that have restricted Jake brakes, like Poland and Mechanic Falls.

They also mentioned other spots in town where speed limits decrease as possible places that could become Jake-brake free.

In other news, selectmen voted to approve the renaming of the Ambulance Barn to Greenleaf Station to honor the family that not only founded the service, but has remained connected to it for about 80 years.

Town Manager Scott Cole also said the town was cracking down on signs that violate the local ordinance. He called it weeding out the garden, and mentioned culling certain highway signs, temporary signs and signs of businesses that have closed.