Barry Allen: Caring about what is best


In 1972, Mainers sent Margaret Chase Smith a message. She had lost touch with what was important to the citizens of Maine.

Today, Maine again has a Republican woman senator who considers wealthy special interest groups her true constituency.

Susan Collins tried to keep more than 40,000 Mainers from acquiring health insurance. She voted against raising the minimum wage, which would have benefited more than 90,000 Mainers directly and thousands more indirectly.

Collins voted against the Middle Class Tax Cut Act. That bill extended tax cuts for the middle-class while minimally raising taxes on the wealthiest. No surprise that her second largest 2014 contributor is Elliot Management, a Wall Street hedge fund company.

Elections are about choosing someone to represent the voters’ interests. This year, voters can choose someone who cares about what is best for Maine’s people.

I support Shenna Bellows for the U.S. Senate.

Nov. 4 is an election, not a coronation.

Barry Allen, Norway