Baseball: Local youths shine in Pitch, Hit & Run


LEWISTON – South Lewiston Little League hosted a Pitch, Hit & Run Competition for area youth May 15. Age group winners were as follows:


Age 9/10

Pitch champion: Eliza Beaudin

Hit champion: Lexi Poulin

Run champion: Eliza Beaudin

Overall champion: Eliza Beaudin


Age 7/8

Pitch champion: Drew St. Hilaire

Hit champion: Connor Emmons

Run champion: Connor Emmons

Overall champion: Connor Emmons

Age 9/10

Pitch champion: Jeremy Madore

Hit champion: Gordon Beckwith III

Run champion: Brock Belanger

Overall champion: Brock Belanger

Age 11/12

Pitch champions: Benjamin Doyle and Austin Merritt

Hit champions: Benjamin Doyle

Run champion: Elijah Harris

Overall champion: Benjamin Doyle

Age 13/14

Pitch champion: Tanner Laberge

Hit champion: Alex Small 

Run champion: Alex Small

Overall champion: Tanner Laberge

The winners now compete in the sectional competition in Freeport on Saturday, May 22. Sectional all-around champions become eligible to qualify for the team championship at Fenway Park.