This year’s ‘05-’06 basketball season is over, but we had an awesome year! Varsity girls were 10-3. Even the losses were okay to have because we all had a good time and tried our best! Coach Piirainen, or Coach P as we all call him, was the BEST! He made our practices fun and enjoyable even when we did conditioning. Our team was so much fun! Everyone worked together to make an awesome play or have a strong defense. Even when a couple of people were not so happy with each other we put aside our differences and played very well. We were a team so we played like a team. Like they say “there is no I in team.”

Our team has two traditions: hitting the door on the locker room as we go out as something like a good luck charm. Then we also have a chant called pump it up. It gets our team “pumped” before each game. That way we play well!

There is only one person on our team who will be at Elm Street School next year. Her name is Michaela Chasse. I’m sure next year we’ll miss her on our basketball team, but let’s hope we have a good season next year! We all can’t wait!