Basketball season


For basketball season, Litchfield has a new coach. Mrs. Liz Tibbets, a former assistant coach is now the coach of the Litchfield Boy’s A Team. She has previously helped Norm Davis out as assistant coach for three years. On the Boy’s A Team this year, there are a total of eight players. Six 8th graders and two 7th graders make up this eight person team. The team has improved a lot, Mrs. Tibbets said, “They have come together well and really accepted all the new players.”

This team has no captains, but the eighth graders usually take turns. The team now has a strong defense, with many quick players who know how to navigate the court with ease. Overall, Mrs. Tibbets is really pleased on how the team has turned out. She says that she loves to see the kids improve on their skills and succeed. At this rate, I think that the team is well on their way to succeeding in a lot of things.