Bass Park adorned with marigolds


WILTON — Students from Academy Hill and Cushing schools planted about 1,000 marigolds in Bass Park on Tuesday. The tiny sprouts the students started last month had grown and were ready for planting.

In addition to the Bass Park, marigolds will be planted at the town office, Academy Hill School, around and across from the Post Office and around the large loon statues, said Corey Black. She and with her husband, John, worked with the students to start the marigold sprouts and returned to help them put them in the ground. The couple, who own Rocky Hill Landscaping and Nursery in Wilton, tended the plants this past month at their greenhouse, she said.

Groups of students rotated from planting to drawing pictures of what they would like to see for a new playground in Bass Park and listening to Town Manager Rhonda Irish talk about conservation.

“Nature relies on us and we need to take care of nature,” Irish told each group. “Take care of it, not destroy it so it will be around for many years.”

Painting on rocks or destroying grass does not make it enjoyable for other people, she said.

Although the town budget couldn’t cover additional funds to add to previous savings for a new playground this year, Elizabeth Shibles started the students thinking about what was safe equipment and what they might like to have as they drew the playground they wanted to see.

Volunteers and Mt. Blue High School freshmen, Josh Merrick and Chelsea Newhall, helped the students then led them playing Simon Says and other games as each class waited to move to another station.

This is the second summer the large orange and yellow marigolds will adorn the park.

The project may encourage future gardeners, “the kids love it,” but in a few years when they are grown they hopefully will remember the beauty of the flowers spread around their hometown and start taking part in the life of the town, John Black previously said.

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