Bates students rally to call attention to police brutality, misconceptions in media


LEWISTON — Bates College students held a rally on the steps of Hathorn Hall Wednesday afternoon to protest the police reaction Wednesday morning and what they called a history of intimidation.

“The actions that local law enforcement took and the blatant misrepresentation given out  by the press have turned a mediocre night into a disastrous one,” said Freshman Spencer Collet.

More than 100 students turned out to listen to Collet and sign petitions condemning police reaction Wednesday. Joe Musso, a Junior at the college, said the petitions would be turned over to college President Elaine Tuttle Hansen.

Police clashed with students drinking and partying in front of Smith Hall early Wednesday morning. They arrested 11 students charging them with disorderly conduct, failure to disperse and refusing to submit to arrest.

“This attention is extremely welcome because it gives us an opportunity to right these wrongs,” Collet said. “Bates College has never been about inaction. We’ve never been about sitting idly as injustices are done and we’ve never been about incivility. We intend to use discourse and the legal system to get the justice we so dearly deserve.”

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