Batteries do not need to be refrigerated


DEAR SUN SPOTS: Here I am again. You’ve helped me a lot before.

I’ve been watching “Survivor” on CBS for 20 years, I think. Anyway, do they really go to all these far-off places or are they in California somewhere? They change their clothes or bathing suits two or three times a show; long ago they only had the clothes on their back. They used to eat disgusting stuff, and you could see they were losing weight. No more. They hardly even show the things they are eating now.

My other question is: Is there a certain place you should keep batteries? I keep them in a drawer in the kitchen. I thought I heard once that the refrigerator is a good place. Thank you. — B.L.T., Peru

ANSWER: Sun Spots is not a “Survivor” watcher, but she tuned in to an episode to see if she could see what you saw. She thought the participants all looked pretty grungy and unkempt. As for food, it didn’t seem like the participants had time to worry about it because they were so busy plotting against each other.

Sun Spots didn’t find anything online about a change in procedure from the first year to this year. Many of the stories were focused on this being the 20th season in 10 years. Perhaps fans will know more and offer to share their knowledge.

As for storing batteries, the online sources were unanimous. There is no reason to store batteries in the freezer or refrigerator. The preferred place is cool and dry with moderate humidity. One site did say that it might not hurt to keep nickel-cadmium batteries in the freezer, as they lose their charge more quickly, but alkaline batteries should not be chilled.

The sites also said it’s important to keep batteries in some type of container where they won’t rattle around and bang into each other. The metal ends making contact is not good for battery life. Another recommendation was to not mix battery types. For example, don’t use one Duracell with two Energizers.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I’m looking for video footage of the flood of 1987 in Maine. I’ve checked with libraries and television stations and couldn’t find anyone who had video. Would any of your readers be willing to share video footage from that time with me? I’d like to transfer the images to a DVD. Please contact me at 778-2450. — Betty Hart, New Sharon

DEAR SUN SPOTS: What happened to Tory Ryden from Channel 8 News. She was the anchor woman at 6 and 11 and all of a sudden she was gone. — Pauline via e-mail

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I have two questions I hope you can find the answers to. What has happened to the noon news Monday through Friday on Channel 8?

Also, what has happened to Tory Ryden on the 6 p.m. news on Channel 8? Thank you in advance. I don’t have a computer. You have a great column. — No Name, No Town

ANSWER: Channel 8 replaced the noon news with paid programming. Producing news is very expensive, and many media outlets are cutting back. As for Tory Ryden, in March she retired to take care of her blended family of seven children.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Was Roger Griswold, the meteorologist on Channel 8, previously the meteorologist on Channel 13 or Channel 6?

Also, whatever happened to Dave Santoro, the former meteorologist on Channel 13?

What is the biography of Jason Wheeler on Channel 6? — No Name, Vienna

ANSWER: Roger Griswold was previously on WCSH Channel 6.

Dave Santoro retired years ago to teach math in the Portland schools.

Sun Spots couldn’t find anything on Jason Wheeler. He’s not listed as part of the team on WCSH’s Web site.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Is Kiley Bennett coming back? If so, when? I miss her. — L. P., Bethel

ANSWER: Sun Spots is informed that Kiley anchored the news on Thursday, so she must be back after leaving to have her baby in January.

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