Be prepared for disaster


The images coming at us from Texas are shocking because the scale of the emergency is inconceivable.

It would be easy, from our perspective, to say we’d never suffer similar conditions. But, that’s likely what folks in the greater Houston area said to themselves not so long ago.

Do yourselves a favor and establish an emergency disaster plan for your family. The Maine Emergency Management Agency has just kicked off National Preparedness Month and has resources available to help.

The advice?

Make an emergency plan at home and at work. Don’t think you’ll be spared if a natural disaster strikes Maine.

Sign up for alerts and warnings in your area, and find out whether your community has an evacuation plan. 

Check your insurance coverage, and plan finances in case of a disaster.

In cases of emergencies we’re not alone, so work with your neighbors and sort out who has specific survival skills and equipment, and plan to work together.

Finally, as silly as this may sound, hold an emergency drill.

The first time you test your preparedness should not be in an actual emergency, when the safety of your family is at stake.

For more help, contact the Maine Emergency Management Agency at 800-452-8735 , or call your local EMA office — most often located in your county building.

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