The bear truth


Maine has a special quality of life which many want to preserve.

However, others want to change Maine’s special quality of life with development sprawl at the same time they promote that special quality of life.

I do not think the Sun Journal editorial of July 14 is about the Bethel bear problem. I think it is about sprawl, that which will create a bear problem, that which undermines our special quality of life here in Maine.

So bears are not the problem in Bethel. Human beings are. Human beings who are contemptuous of the environment which is the foundation for the special quality of life we have here in Maine.

The action of human beings, the development of sprawl, is the real problem, then, that problem avoided by the Sun Journal editorial.

Sprawl is evident in Southern Maine, now in Lewiston and Auburn, moving slowly up Route 4 and Route 108 into the Rumford area, as those who live behind the Maine quality of life slogan develop the land and create sprawl that is changing the quality of life here.

Creating sprawl, by the way, means more of a contribution to global warming.

The question is: how do we stop bears raiding Dumpsters in Bethel and elsewhere in Maine?

We stop the human beings who raid the environment in Maine, those who create sprawl, sprawl which will also contribute to more global warming.

Is it that simple?

Bears don’t think. Human beings do.

Tom Fallon, Rumford