Ben Chin a person of vision


I am writing in support of my friend Ben Chin for mayor of Lewiston.

The upcoming election is important for many reasons. One priority is the urgent need for wise and compassionate policies to respond to the epidemic losses of loved ones to opioid addiction and overdose. The numbers are alarming. Chin has been hearing their stories as he’s been talking to folks at their doors. He believes that immediate evidence-based treatment, stigma-reducing public education, training for providers and support for those managing chronic pain are the strategies that will keep our loved ones safe.

Resources are already available, except that treatment requires access through adequate health insurance. People can make that happen by voting in November to expand Medicaid to Mainers who need it. That is why I am voting to accept the federal funds for Medicaid.

And I hope my neighbors in Lewiston will vote for Ben Chin.

Gina Melaragno, Auburn