Ben Chin for a more livable life


In the early 20th century, many factories and mills, like those that line the Androscoggin River, didn’t have fire escapes. If a fire broke out, the hundreds of mostly immigrant workers, like my own Franco-American ancestors here in Lewiston, couldn’t escape. A fire meant certain death. But a fire escape could be required by law. By voters.

As the mayoral election approaches, the phrase above serves as a reminder of what is at stake in Lewiston today — people’s lives. A person’s vote matters in concrete ways. It could mean safe and affordable housing, a living wage, better education, life-saving health care or one less death by drug overdose.

A vote for Ben Chin is all of those things. His new ideas and real experience translate to leadership that can directly impact people’s lives.

A vote for Ben Chin is a more livable life for all in Lewiston.

Andrea Breau, Lewiston