What is the best energy source?


I have been reading in the newspaper lately about all the reasons why wind power should not be developed. I ask, why not?

Natural energy is an unlimited resource and the pollution from it is very small.

We cannot live very well without energy. Homes, vehicles, commercial and public transportation, construction, etc., all rely on energy. The true question is what is the best energy source for all concerned?

I am very concerned about the effects of coal, oil and nuclear energy on our health.

The population of this world is now more than 6 billion people and we are told that it doubles every 40 years. I feel that the environment is in critical condition now, so how is it going to be then?

We need to seriously curb our population growth.

We need to seriously recycle, so as to not run out of resources and landfills.

I feel that we need to preserve our trees. They are natural pumps that draw water deep in the ground and distribute it into the air to create rain. Trees also change carbon monoxide into pure oxygen.

We can’t live without good water and pure air.

Yes, creating energy is very expensive, but it’s not just about the money. The source of energy that we need to create should be for the common good of everyone on the planet.

Lou Giard, Turner