The very best for the people


I am writing to urge Androscoggin Democrats to cast their votes in support of Sheriff Guy Desjardins.

Sheriff Desjardins has distinguished himself as a competent and dedicated public safety leader. He has demonstrated the moral character to make the right choice even when those decisions would be seen as unpopular by some within his agency.

At the state level, he has earned the respect of his fellow sheriffs as a clear voice for local communities as we struggle to create a unified jail and prison system. He is very conscious that what we do will be paid for with hard-earned taxpayer dollars.

I hope my friends and family living in Lewiston to go to the polls and support Sheriff Desjardins.

Guy Desjardins is a valued colleague and, in my opinion, the very best sheriff for the people of Androscoggin County.

Mark Dion, Portland

Sheriff, Cumberland County