Bethel man indicted on felony trespass charge


PARIS — An Oxford County grand jury on Friday indicted a Bethel man on charges of breaking into a Mechanic Street home and assaulting the homeowner, who woke to find the intoxicated suspect cooking dinner in the kitchen.

The court issued a summons for Christopher John Beaulieu, 34, of 29 Cross St., Apt. No. 7, on a felony charge of aggravated criminal trespass and assault.

Beaulieu is accused of breaking into the home of James Lunney, a science teacher and girls’ softball coach at Telstar High School. Lunney lives at 25 Mechanic St. and has been unavailable for comment since the incident.

According to the Bethel Citizen, police officer George Gould responded to a 12:35 a.m. burglary complaint at Lunney’s home on April 9. The intruder refused to leave and attacked the homeowner after the man said he was contacting 911.

After alerting police, the homeowner defended himself and the burglar fled.

Gould later found the bloodied suspect — identified as Christopher J. Beaulieu — at another home and arrested him on charges of burglary and assault.

Because Beaulieu could not post bail, Gould drove him to Oxford County Jail in Paris, police said.

A jail official said Wednesday that Beaulieu was booked at the Paris jail at 2 a.m., but was released eight hours later because the District Attorney’s Office dropped the charges.

DA’s Office Clerk Lisa Mack said the complaint was dropped because of an incomplete police report. Gould was asked to get more information about the incident.

“The initial report we got was incomplete,” Mack said, explaining why Beaulieu was freed. “There was not enough in there to charge him. Sometimes we need further information.”

On Tuesday in Rumford District Court, Lunney filed for and received a temporary protection-from-harassment order against Beaulieu.

Lunney wrote that Beaulieu “entered my home at 11:30 p.m. Thursday, April 8, (and) proceeded to begin cooking food. When asked to leave, he refused. I told him that I would call police if he did not leave. I did call 911; (Beaulieu) then attacked me and beat and kicked me outside my home.”

Lunney wrote he was in immediate and present danger of physical abuse or extreme emotional distress from (Beaulieu’s) conduct, or his business property was likewise endangered.

“He attacked (assaulted) me in my home, unprovoked,” Lunney wrote. “The man was intoxicated.”

He wrote that he didn’t notify Beaulieu of his intent to seek a protection order because “I want no contact with this man.”

After the assault, Lunney was treated by Bethel Rescue for cuts and a bruise, according to the Bethel police log.

Mack said the DA’s Office received additional information on the arrest from officer Gould on Wednesday morning, and prosecutor Richard Beauchesne decided it was enough to pursue an aggravated criminal trespass indictment against Beaulieu.

Beaulieu was convicted last year of domestic violence assault against a Bethel woman, according to a deferred disposition document in his file at Rumford District Court. He was released on personal recognizance bail.

In that matter, Beaulieu, who listed an Errol, N.H., address, pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor crime with the option that if he refrained from additional criminal conduct and met other conditions prior to May 10, 2010, he would be allowed to withdraw his guilty plea and the case would be dismissed, the document states.

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