Bethel Rotary leader reports money missing


BETHEL – Police are investigating a complaint of stolen Rotary Club funds.

Chief Alan Carr said Wednesday that Cynthia Moran-Laux, president-elect of Bethel Rotary, came to police Tuesday and “reported that X amount of dollars have been taken.”

Carr would not say how much money is believed to be missing, or if there were any suspects.

“The Rotary is a volunteer outfit,” Carr said. “They have money donated to them. They do fundraisers and stuff like that. The Bethel Rotary has been in business for a few years, they’ve had a chance to build up some equity.”

Laux’s husband, Bob, is district governor of the Rotary Club. Cynthia Laux said Wednesday she could not comment on the case.

Carr said he will complete an audit of the organization’s books. He said he does not know yet how Laux became suspicious.

“I’ll be interviewing some Rotary members to get to the bottom of it,” Carr said.