Bethel Water District closing in on normalcy


BETHEL – Thanks to a Bethel landowner, the Bethel Water District made headway toward normalcy Friday after last week’s catastrophic rainfall buried its Chapman Brook Reservoir under tons of mud, boulders and wood debris.

The storm also destroyed the formerly pristine watershed.

District spokesman John Head said Friday afternoon that Richard Douglas gave the district access to an existing well on land he owns by the old Coleman Concrete plant.

Head said the well, which is within a few feet of the district’s main water line, helped them get the district’s improvised water system back online by 3 p.m. Friday. It is pumping water through its chlorine treatment facility at 35 to 36 gallons per minute, but only meeting about a third of the district’s needs of 130 gallons of water a minute. Stored water held in place by rock and soil berms in the district’s reservoir impound area is at 91 to 92 percent capacity.