Better for Lewiston


I moved to Lewiston three years ago and I know the struggle my new home suffers from: poverty.

As a black man from Detroit, I know about poverty, but I never gave up. My mother raised me to have faith if I want things to improve.

The poverty I see in Lewiston is far worse than Detroit. How can an All-America city have no self-respect?

Luckily, some Lewiston residents are turning this around. They risked their money and reputation to put a casino on the 2011 ballot and bring millions of dollars in new investment to this city. They could have put it anywhere. They chose Lewiston because they believe in us.

I am proud to call Lewiston my home. We need to stop being kicked around and bullied by the rest of the state. This is our chance to stand up and be heard. Why should Bangor make millions every year from its casino? Lewiston is the same size. Why should we just roll over and let Oxford have it? Don’t we need the jobs? Aren’t we good enough here?

Yes, we are.

I’ll be voting “no” on the Oxford casino because it makes much more sense to put it in Lewiston. Don’t give up. We need to take pride in our hometown. I don’t let people put me down because of my race, and I won’t let them because it is where I live.

I believe in our community. We need the casino in Lewiston.

Dennis Graise, Auburn