A better option


Central Maine Power has a plan that burdens ratepayers with increased rates while CMP’s owner/parent company, Energy East (Spain-based Iberdrola Group), toasts the Maine Public Utilities Commission all the way to the bank.

The MPUC has been tasked with approving one of two proposals outlining how Maine’s electricity will be delivered in the future. The two plans consist of CMP’s Maine Power Reliability Project and the GridSolar Project by GridSolar LLC. Ratepayers will pay for whichever plan is approved. Here is where the two roads (plans) diverge.

CMP’s plan will spend $1.5 billion upfront during the next three years to upgrade the grid. Ratepayers will incur this burden.

The GridSolar Project responds incrementally, as needed. GridSolar will deliver energy to the Maine PUC (Maine ratepayers) at .03 cents per kwh for 20 years; ratepayers would save $60 million per year. This savings is likely to increase as the price of electricity increases. There would be no savings to ratepayers with the CMP plan.

GridSolar is looking for suitable sites to lease for solar arrays. They would pay people for the use of their land. CMP would take land through eminent domain.

CMP has spent more than $100 million in preparation for its plan. Any money spent by GridSolar has come from its own pocket. The $100 million CMP has already spent — who do you think is paying for that? We are!


Give my regards to Spain.

Jim Gill, Harrison

Editor’s note: Jim Gill is owner/director of Fernwood Cove, which has a financial interest in GridSolar.