Bible vs. Dan Brown’s fiction


Before anyone goes to see the movie, “Da Vinci Code,” a scurrilous fiction where Jesus Christ is defamed as a royal hypocrite, they should do one of two things: go see “The Passion of The Christ” by Mel Gibson or do a reality check of the four Gospels of the Bible.

In John 19, John describes how Jesus Christ (Dan Brown’s royal hypocrite) was killed on a cross for our sins (a Roman punishment for criminals). To make sure he was dead, a soldier put a spear into his heart and blood and water came out.

The truth is more wonderful than Brown’s fictitious “Da Vinci Code” will ever be.

The Bible presents the resurrection of Jesus. Mary Magdalene was a witness to this event. There lies her greatness. According to the Bible, Jesus told her to not touch Him because he had not yet ascended to His Father. He commands her to tell his followers that he was going to Galilee to meet them.

All you who care for the truth, check the facts against the Bible and against Dan Brown’s fiction. Then, make your choice.

Charles and Diane Doyon, Lewiston