Who are the biggest clowns?


The circus is in town. The town is Washington, D.C. The circus is in the U.S. Senate. The clowns in one ring are the senators. The clowns in another ring are the CEOs of the major oil companies.

Why do I think it’s a circus? They used to call the circus the “Biggest Show in Town.” That’s what we’re seeing.

The senators called the oil executives to explain the high price of gas. They are trying to show voters they are doing their jobs, or what they want voters to think their jobs are.

The oil executives are trying to show American consumers they are trying to keep prices down. Big Oil is barely scraping by. Exxon Mobil made only $40 billion last year. Yes, that’s billions. In fact, the top five oil companies all made more than $35 billion last year. They shouldn’t have to pay taxes on that wealth. If they do, “consumers will be hurt.”

Consumers are the only ones paying any taxes on oil. The oil companies get “tax breaks.” Got that? The wealthiest entities on the planet are getting tax breaks while consumers are taxed to death.

Who are the biggest clowns? Democrats blame Republicans for fighting their efforts to tax the industry, yet they did nothing when they had a huge majority the last two years. The answer is, they’re all in bed with Big Oil.

My question: Who is more crooked? The thieves in the oil industry, or the thieves in the Senate?

Alan Osborn, Hartford