Biker thrown by semi


LEWISTON – A 19-year-old Lewiston biker is bruised but alive after a collision with a tractor-trailer sent his helmet – and his body – flying Sunday evening.

Matthew Michaud was riding his 2004 Kawasaki Ninja down Pleasant Street behind a tractor-trailer driven by Dale Parent, 47, also of Lewiston, when Parent began making a right turn, Sgt. Jim Minkowski said Sunday.

“The driver of the truck had his blinker on, making a right turn onto Jill Street,” Minkowski said. “The truck turns, the bike tries to pass him on his right hand side and runs into the front of the truck.”

When the accident happened, Michaud was thrown off his bike and his helmet was thrown off of his head.

“The helmet came off the operator’s head, but it definitely saved his life,” said responding officer Sgt. Jeff Parshall. “We thought he was dead when we got there. He was lying face-down on the ground. There were parts of his bike everywhere. His wallet flew out of his pocket. His sunglasses flew off of his head, along with everything else.”

The Kawasaki was a total loss, with an estimated $6,000 in damage, Minkowski said. Parent was uninjured.

Michaud, who was taken to Central Maine Medical Center in an ambulance after the crash, was observed chatting on his cell phone and walking around by Parshall a few hours later.

“Right now it’s just bumps and bruises – that type of stuff,” Minkowski said.