Bill a good first step to quieting loud pipes


We are looking forward to spring, but not to one of its rites — the thunder of illegally loud motorcycles.

That’s why we urge local legislators to support a measure, L.D. 1675, designed to tone down noisey bikes.

Sponsor Nancy Sullivan, D-Biddeford, says that reducing excessive motorcycle noise is a public health issue.  We’re not sure about that, but loud motorcycles certainly do make the blood boil.

The measure would require motorcycle owners to display inspection stickers on their bikes, just like cars do on their windshields. Sullivan says that 38 percent of motorcycles are not currently inspected.

The bill mandates that inspection stickers be displayed by 2012, and sets up a work group to figure out how this can be best accomplished.

That’s a good start, but the necessary companion piece would be giving police an immediate way to tell if a motorcycle muffler has been switched or altered.

This can be done by comparing the EPA sticker on the chassis of the bike to the one stamped on the muffler. Then an officer can quickly tell if the bike is in violation or not.

The work group should make this part of the process for enforcing this new law.