Bird club announces three new directors


LEWISTON — Stanton Bird Club President Tom Hayward has announced that there are three new members on the board of directors.

Owen Buck has been a birder since childhood. He and his wife have two grown children. He majored in biology at Bates College and earned his master’s degree in parasitology at Ohio State University. In 1979, he earned his MD at the University of Vermont and completed his psychiatry residency at Duke University. In 2004, he received a degree in theology at Bangor Theological Seminary.

Buck is on the medical staff of Tri-County Mental Health Services in Lewiston. He serves on the Membership and Advancement Committee, which oversees the club’s growth in membership and in financial resources, including fundraising efforts for specific needs and projects.

Rob Crosby attended high school and started a teaching career in Alaska, then moved to Maine in 1977, where he and his wife have raised two children. He has been a high school English teacher and an administrator or director with nonprofit agencies, including Head Start.

He served for 15 years as a speech and language clinician in the Auburn School District. Since retiring, he spends as much time as possible kayaking, with camera and binoculars at hand.

Crosby serves on the Nominating Committee, to recommend candidates for terms on the board, and on the Stewardship Committee, to manage and maintain the club’s sanctuaries.


Kathleen Demers graduated from the University of New Hampshire, finished occupational therapy clinical fieldwork in 1982 and began working in Maine. She and her husband have three grown children, who were educated at home, public school, at area colleges/universities and in the community, before going on to attend and recently graduate from college.

They were junior naturalists with the Stanton Bird Club between 1993 and 2002, during which Demers was actively involved. She served as coordinator of the BookReach Early Childhood Literacy Program of the Lewiston and Auburn public libraries. She enjoys the learning process, creating music, walking, bicycling, and kayaking. She educates students at Lewiston High School.

Demers serves on the Education Committee, writing to inform people of programs, field trips and events that the club offers.

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