Bjorn Park dedicated in Farmington


FARMINGTON — The Bjorn Park at 144 High St. was dedicated Saturday with the unveiling of a bronze plaque set in a large stone to commemorate the property’s history and honor the couple who financed the park.

Town officials gathered to express appreciation to Richard and Judy Bjorn for their generosity to the town. The Bjorns donated more than $70,000 for design and construction of the park.

“The donation of the construction of this park is only one example of the generosity that the Bjorn family has shown to the community over the years,” Town Manager Richard Davis said at the dedication. “We are extremely fortunate to have such wonderful citizens in our midst. Because of their thoughtfulness, future generations will forever enjoy this lovely spot.”

The park at High Street and Route 2, also known as the Farmington Falls Road, was formerly the Norton Flat Schoolhouse until 1924. The Public Works Department had a garage there until the 1980s.

In March, voters expressed their desire for the town to keep the property.

The Bjorns stepped forward this summer with an offer to help design and construct the park.

“This refreshing addition to our community provides a peaceful resting spot for weary traveler and resident alike,” Davis said in his dedication. “It has also greatly improved the appearance of one of the main entrances to Farmington.”