Bliss Thru Shopping: All aflutter


Bag Lady and Shopping Siren are having a glitter and feathers emergency.

Odds are, you, too, may be facing a similar bedazzling crisis.*

* We’re looking at you, Mark LaFlamme.

Or, you may have little guys to keep entertained for 13 more loooong days ’til school starts.

Either way, everyone wins!

This week, Bag Lady scours local racks for all that glitters and flitters — needed for the yet-to-be revealed, oh-so-scientific product testing you’ll see in this space in two weeks.

Whether you use them to make a mural of Lewiston at dawn, each citizen represented with a single sparkle, each pigeon with a lone feather, or your kids use them to make a “Boss Baby” diorama, it’s entirely up to you.

Let’s get out there and art it up, and then in two weeks, it’s on!

• Glitter fabric spray paint, 4 oz., Jo-Ann Fabric, $6.99

Not exactly what I was after, but who knew this existed? Spray a design and then, voila, done! No heat needed. And if a color named Glittering Diamond Glitter doesn’t do it for you, there’s no hope.

(Don’t forget your digital coupons shopping here! Just call it up on and show the clerk your phone.)

• Tubes of glitter, 0.6 oz., Jo-Ann Fabric, 99 cents

In colors like purple, green and rainbow mix, I think this is exactly what we’re after!

Until I find . . . 

• Tubes of finer-grain glitter, 0.63 oz., Hobby Lobby, $3.49

… and suddenly I’m flummoxed. Surely there must be a glitter connoisseur among us who can elaborate on the perks of one grain of glitter over another?

(Also don’t forget your coupons here either,

• Major wall o’feathers, Hobby Lobby, assorted prices

They had a surprising amount to choose from, including darling little brown and turquoise guinea hen feathers ($2.99 for 0.176 oz.) If our experiment required the feathers to be visually appealing, we’d totally go for these. Our uses are more, er, utilitarian.

• White masquerade mask, Hobby Lobby, $2.47-$2.49

Get fun and fancy for an afternoon and decorate masks for the family with glitter and feathers — nay, decorate masks for the entire neighborhood. Bag Lady learned her neighbor-of-10-years first name last year. In five more years, we will be up to mask-gifting status.

• Art apron, Marden’s, $3.99

Wipeable, with full sleeves and little pouches for little guys. It’s practically itching for a glitter spectacle.

• Iron-on Rhinestuds, Hobby Lobby, $3.59 and up

Again, who knew? As amazing as the word “rhinestuds” suggests: Designs from the DC universe include “The Dark Knight” with Batman, “Scarlet Speedster” with a lightning bolt or the Wonder Woman logo, all to be transferred to your fav shirt/sweatshirt/scrub one little sparkly stud at a time.

Best find: Value pack of feathers, 2.5 oz., Jo-Ann Fabric, $6.49

Add “value pack” to anything and Bag Lady’s listening. In this case, exactly what we need!

Think twice: About not tuning in in two weeks. Now that we’ve secured the glitter and feathers, what will we possibly do with them? 

Time will tell how sticky our situation gets.

Bag Lady’s true identity is protected by a pair of stylish, sweater-wearing Doberman pinschers (who helped inspire why we’re testing what we’re testing) and the customer service counter at the Sun Journal. You can reach her at [email protected]