Bliss Thru Shopping: To the Batmobile! In heels!


So now Bag Lady wants to be Wonder Woman and Shopping Siren is ready to glove up and be Batman. In villain-smiting heels, of course.

So many costumes beckoned as we headed out to Halloween shop this week. We’re happy, and a little surprised, to report that even at this very late date, there’s plenty of awesome still to be had on Twin Cities shelves.

Got a party tonight? We’ve got your goods.

Your life a party every night? That sounds exhausting and awesome. Please tell us how.

* Wonder Woman romper with attached cape, Spencer’s, $29.99

Short, red, superhero-y. Everything a Halloween costume should be. 

* Wonder Woman petticoat, Spencer’s, $24.99

Hmm. Short, in star-spangled blue tulle, very tutu like. Wonder Woman *technically* doesn’t wear a petticoat. Or a tutu. That said, this would look pretty darling over tights. We’ll allow it.

* Batman accessory kit, Spencer’s, $19.99

Includes gloves and mask. Just add black pants and a black shirt and you’re good to go. But practice your growl first. I am Batman. I AM Batman. I am BATMAN. Who are we kidding? They’re all Oscar-worthy.

* Sassy Rick Grimes costume, Spencer’s, $25

For the uninitiated, Rick Grimes is the hero of “The Walking Dead,” a zombie-hacking, do-the-right-thinging guy in a horrible post-apocalyptic world. There’s absolutely nothing sassy about him. Enter Halloween, where anything’s possible! Sassy in the face of a zombie pandemic. Gotcha.

The women’s costume comes with a brown King City sheriff’s hat. Add a bloody foam machete for $9.99. (Shopping Siren noted that the faux-blood was smeared on the smooth side of the machete, not the serrated side which would seem to do more damage to the undead. She’s like “CSI” for shopping.)

* Mr. Baseball, Olympia Sports, $80 or so*

* Some assembly required.

Pair gray baseball trousers ($44.99) with a Red Sox player T-shirt ($28), rosin bag ($3.99) and a two-pack of Rawlings baseballs ($9.99) and you’ll be the hit of the night. Get it? Hit! Hit of the night. Well, not every quip can be a home run.

* Football star boy or girl, Olympia Sports, $70

Pint-sized Patriots jersey with Tom Brady’s name and No. 12. Pair with a set of three mini NFL Softee footballs for $9.99 and you’ll have so much adorable that you’ll need a linebacker to carry home all the candy.

* Champion sports whistle and lanyard, Olympia Sports, $3.99

Probably the cheapest Halloween costume you’ll ever make. Put on black pants. Use a marker to draw vertical black stripes along an old white T-shirt. Don this whistle. Voila! Referee.

Flush with cash? Olympia also has a Fox 40 whistle for $7.99, sans lanyard. According to the package, this is the official whistle of the NBA and NFL. A little pricey, but we won’t call foul.   

* Children’s princess costumes, all sorts, JCPenney, $28.80

Tulle, sparkles, satin, the works. Pick your pretty — Belle, Ariel, Beauty or Sophia — then accent the dresses with glittery slippers and tiaras. They can be found in the back of JCPenney, where there’s a sweet little Disney section with clothes and toys that we didn’t realize even existed. Magical!

* Children’s Buzz Lightyear or Woody, JCPenney, $28.80

Full “Toy Story” costumes complete with vest and badge for Woody and soft jet-pack wings for Buzz. Sizes range from tiny 2 to big kid 9/10. Warning: Your child will not want to take this off. So be prepared for a Thanksgiving in which you’ll say, “Buzz, please pass the mashed potatoes.” 

* Mini photo shoot, Photo Finish, $20

We spied this on our way out of the Auburn Mall. Good deal for a little fun in front of a camera, plus Halloween props and costume accessories galore. Perfect for playing dress-up without the accompanying candy gorge. Not that we have anything against candy. Ever.   

Best find: Superhero costume kit, Spencer’s, $5

In red and black or yellow and black, comes with a mask and dashing cape. Dressed up or down accordingly, this costume works on and for everyone. Now there’s no excuse to show up as yourself to that party tonight. Not that you’re not amazing. You are. On Halloween, you’re just more amazing in a cape and mask.

Think twice: Booty shorts, Spencer’s, $12.99

Shimmery gold and apparently intended to be paired with the Wonder Woman tunic but, um, wow. These are shooooooort. Like, that sentence was longer than these shorts. For the sweet-cheeked only.

Hip, hip!

Jonesing for a Twin Cities toy store? The seasonal favorite Go! Calendar, Games and Toys is back in the Auburn Mall. Auburn Raceway also had a sign up about a grand reopening there in October. You go, mall!

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