Bliss Thru Shopping: Lady luck?


Here’s to hoping today’s our lucky day.

In honor of  7/7/17, Bag Lady compiled a list of seven current retail-related loves and desires.*

* I was going to say yearnings except no one uses yearning anymore. Or the even less common yearner. You ever yearnered? I didn’t think so.

The list is … eclectic. Maybe inspirational. Maybe motivational. Hopefully helpful.

And maybe with luck, the desires will soon flip to loves.

Now let’s save some money, not get divorced and taxidermy the heck out of East Peck!*

* See? Eclectic.

1. Love: Coupons in the mail!

In just the last few weeks, it’s saving $5 on $15 at Hannaford, $5 on $50 at BJ’s and 5 to 25 percent off at Target. Thanks for speaking my language, guys.

2. Want: My kingdom for a flippin’ can opener.

Bag Lady hasn’t had reliable means to open tuna fish or corn in, no kidding, at least 10 years. Electric can openers die suddenly, manual can openers mysteriously stop connecting on the right metal spots. I’m down to a basic doomsday preppers model that takes more than 30 cranks to separate lid from can. I would love, love, love a solid can opener recommendation. Hit me! 

3. Love: Not sweltering. 

Two weeks ago, we bought two portable Hisense air conditioners for the house at Lowe’s. Had we pre-planned – as in, not bought them during a heat wave after discovering, no, we could not pioneer it and persevere for the evening – I totally would have grabbed a few 10 percent off coupons off eBay to bring that cost, as well as the temps, down.

(You could snag two coupons for $9.99 on Thursday. At about $300 each for the air conditioners, worth it.)

4. Want: To agree on a &%[email protected] temperature.

Mr. Bag Lady prefers the icicle setting at night; I relish not burying my nose in the covers to ward off frostbite. It’s been a decades-long standoff, retail-related because it also links to electricity costs.*

*Raise your hands: Who else is dreading their Central Maine Power bill this month?

5. Love: Zenni Optical

Getting prescription glasses online for as low as $10 sounds too good to be true, but both Shopping Siren and Bag Lady have used Zenni in the last few months to great results. (With add-ons like no-glare treatment and lightweight lenses, my pair came to about $30.) Since it’s all online, there’s no staff to fit custom-fit the arms of the frame to your face or the luxury of trying on dozens of pairs for just the right look, but if you can roll with that and you’re in need of an inexpensive second pair of glasses or sunglasses, total score.

6. Want: A non-vanishing remote.

With the need to keep track of three remotes – for traditional TV, a DVD player and one to access “smart” options like YouTube and – we have made a veritable sport of couch cushion diving. There must be a way to condense them all into one? And not lose that single one? And not sound like I might be 99 years old?

Hit me!

7. Love: Summer TV.

Bag Lady and Shopping Siren are both guilty-pleasure hooked on “Married at First Sight” and “Married at First Sight Second Chances” and neither have disappointed. Oh, there are some bad decisions/excellent TV being made.

And lastly, lucky me!

After a long wait of will-they-or-won’t-they, NBC renewed “Trial & Error” for a second season! The crime mockumentary set in East Peck is Bag Lady’s favorite show after people marrying/making out with strangers.*

* I know. It’s a refined palate.

Hope it’s the luckiest of days for you, too.

Bag Lady’s true identity is protected by a pair of stylish, sweater-wearing Doberman pinschers (who nap by the toilet where it’s extra cool) and the customer service counter at the Sun Journal. You can reach her at [email protected]