Board approves project to remove lead paint


FARMINGTON — Selectmen approved a lead-paint-abatement project on the Field House at Hippach Field Tuesday.

The board awarded $4,800 to Bangor Abatement Inc. of Hampden last fall to undertake the first of a two-part project on the exterior of the historic building.

“Lead paint is virtually everywhere,” Steve Shibles, director of Parks and Recreation told the board about the building.

During this year’s first phase, the street side of the building will be worked on and the three remaining sides undertaken next year at a cost estimated to be nearly twice as much as the street side wall, he said.

Bangor Abatement undertook the abatement project on the gazebo in Meetinghouse Park last year.

Five licensed lead abatement contractors were contacted but only two responded. The other bidder included containment of two outside buildings which were built after 1987 and do not contain lead paint, he said. Their estimates for the entire project, not just the outside field house wall, was $29,450, an amount more than double the expected price of Bangor Abatement.

Work on the field house is expected to be completed by June 18 and paid for through the Parks and Recreation Department budget where $5,500 was approved for this project.

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